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The following are examples of research topics to be covered:


  • How to perform accurate measurements
  • How to design and fabricate flexible and stretchable electronics to provide comfortable wearing and low cost production
  • How to address power issues


  • How do we handle the large amount of data
  • How do we use effective algorithm to reduce artifacts from variables
  • How do we combine information from multiple types of measurements to get meaningful information
  • How to keep the data secure


  • What are the clinic significance of the measured information
  • How do doctors handle the vast information from the patient
  • What are the proper clinic and user measurement protocols
  • What new medical devices that can address clinic needs

Current Focused Research Areas:

  • Flexible and stretchable electronic materials
  • Flexible circuit and system design
  • Wearable energy harvesting and storage devices
  • Wearable sensors
  • Wireless communication
  • Data analysis and algorithm development
  • Wearable applications in aerospace and structural monitoring
  • Wearable applications in health monitoring
  • Wearable applications in virtual reality
  • Wearable applications in robotics
  • Wearable applications in automobiles
  • Wearable applications in medical diagnosis
  • Wearable applications in neuroprosthesis